What To Do Before & After an Emsculpt NEO Procedure

Are you thinking about undergoing an Emsculpt procedure? If so, you should learn more about the after-care process, especially if you are worried about missing work.

Emsculpt is a ground-breaking procedure that precisely contours your body to achieve your ideal appearance. In addition, Emsculpt’s post-care instructions are pretty straightforward, and no recovery time is necessary.

The information below covers some of the things you must do before the Emsculpt procedure and what to do after.

What To Do Before The Procedure

It is helpful to know the necessary preparation before any sculpting treatments. Here are some pointers to help you get ready.

The ideal candidate

Each patient must speak with a doctor to ascertain whether the treatment is appropriate for their weight and physical makeup. Any body-sculpting procedure is an option. Some methods and treatments, however, have limitations.

Emsculpt is advised for active patients with a limited number of problem locations. The patient must have enough fat for the sculpting attachments to suction. If you are doubtful about your eligibility, you can visit our establishment. We will let you know if you are the right fit for Emsculpt.

Discuss the number needed and who will perform them

You should discuss the number of treatments required to get your desired results with the healthcare professional. Treatment frequency varies depending on your targets. Our healthcare provider can carry out the procedure since it is non-invasive.

Share your concerns

Be sure to share any concerns you may have about the procedure. If you feel uneasy or worried about pain, you can share it before the procedure. Experienced practitioners will help you overcome fears with factual information. Our practitioners can help you understand the procedure better to put your mind at ease.

Have pain medication available

You may feel discomfort throughout any procedure or treatment. Before receiving therapy, it is best to be ready for possible adverse effects. Contact your doctor, and they will advise you on the best course of action for your chronic pain based on your medical needs.

Many patients discovered that wearing extremely tight clothing or getting a massage after surgery might be soothing. Gather these things as soon as possible and consult a doctor before using compression or taking any drugs.

Be productive during downtime

Bring your laptop or notebook if you have appointments for more than one treatment area, so you are not bored. While some procedures take a half-hour, some take a little longer. If you find yourself in for longer, having a book or laptop can keep you occupied.

Day before surgery
  • Drink at least two liters of water the day before the therapy.
  • Avoid eating two hours before your appointment.
  • Clean your skin of any lotion before the treatment.
  • Shave any body hair in or close to the treatment area.
  • Avoid consuming any caffeine or alcohol the day before the procedure.

What To Do After The Procedure

The initial recovery stage is important to the results. Therefore, you must learn some tips to help you recover with good results. Some people only need a few recovery days. On the other hand, it could take longer, depending on the treatment areas. Below are a few things you should do after the procedure.

Post-treatment massage

A post-treatment massage is a necessary step after the procedure. The therapist uses forceful kneeling and circular movements throughout the massage. The massage will help the body’s ongoing breakdown of fat cells. Data suggests that this massage can increase outcomes by at least 60%.

Be attentive to your body

After the procedure, you may develop some side effects. Swelling, itchiness, and some pain are normal side effects. For example, the stomach region frequently experiences the most pain, tingling, and numbness.

On the other hand, impact on the thighs, back, and love handles are little to nonexistent. Usually, side effects should not worry you. However, if any side effects worry you, speak with your doctor.

Document your experience by taking photos

The effects will take some time, so keep track of your development by reviewing and taking images. You can get a general indication of your progress from the pictures of the targeted locations. Additionally, you can contrast the photos as you recover from illustrating the outcomes before and after.

Wait patiently for the results

Your body will change as soon as two weeks have passed, and full benefits can be seen one to three months after that. After two months, the most apparent results will start to show, and after the procedure, your body will continue to expel fat cells for three to six months. Therefore, be patient with healing and noting results.

Long-term results will depend on you

The effectiveness of the operation will depend on your behavior after the procedure. You will have a better chance of keeping the fat off if you adhere to the recommendations below.

  • Keep up a balanced diet. Avoid processed, fried foods with a lot of sugar or carbohydrates. Instead, consume fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and protein. Both your physical and mental health will benefit from developing healthy eating habits.
  • Remain active. Exercise regularly promotes fat burning, speeds up healing, and improves outcomes. If you still need a regular fitness routine, create one that works for you. Access the services of a trainer to help you develop a good routine.
  • Think about adding more therapies. If the first treatment is effective and you do not require more care, consider expanding your treatment to other locations.

Final Thoughts

As is with any cosmetic non-invasive procedure, There are things you need to do before and after an Emsculpt procedure to maximize your results and give you an easy recovery period. Emsculpt has no downtime, but you may experience minor side effects like swelling and itching. Luckily, these problems go away quickly and do not require any additional care.

Being patient is the most crucial post-care recommendation for Emsculpt. The body-shaping effects will not be noticeable immediately, but do not let that deter you. Your results should show soon.

If you have questions about Emsculpt, reach out for helpful answers. In addition, we offer guidance on non-invasive procedures. Make your appointment today!

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