Radio Frequency

Radio frequency uses energy to heat the tissue and stimulate dermal collagen production, this process results in the thickening of the skin, effectively reducing stretch-marks, and leaving the skin feeling firmer and tighter. Radio frequency also aids in the reduction of cellulite definition and can also be utilized as an effective method in the reduction of fat as it aids in apoptosis/fat cell disruption.

How does radio frequency work?

Radio frequency heats the skin to over 104 degrees which safely and comfortably minimizes the appearance of cellulite dimpling and fatty bulges, while simultaneously tightening the skin and improving the contours of the target areas. Radio frequency treatments target problem areas, stimulating elastin and collagen to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and leaving the aesthetic appearance of the skin refreshed and renewed. Radio Frequency specifically targets fat cells, causing disruption to the cell, enabling them to shrink in size, which effectively slims down the target area. Radio Frequency also activates the body’s own natural responses by stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to aid in the drainage of unwanted toxins and fatty acids, encouraging the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin to reduce skin laxity, strengthen the surface of the skin, and improve the physique of the target area. The final result of this powerful deep heating is a slimmer, more toned and precisely contoured physique.

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Recommended sessions

6 – 12 sessions, once – twice a week.



  • increases collagen production
  • reduces loose skin
  • improves stretch-marks
  • tightens and tones the skin
  • reduces and eliminates cellulite
  • reduces fat
boost circulation, metabolism, and lymphatic drainage
  • eliminates toxins
smooths and contours the body
  • reduces bloat
pain free with no downtime


Treatment areas

  • abdominal
  • waist
  • flanks
  • back/bra area
  • thighs
  • arms
  • hands
  • chin


Radio Frequency is completely non-invasive and does not cause any pain. Patients can expect to feel warmth from the hand-piece as it starts to heat but no pain.

Radio Frequency is one of the most effective techniques to result in inch loss. Inch Loss is the term used to describe a variance in measurements/inches of a patients treatment area. Radio Frequency is effective in reducing inches from patients treatment areas after each treatment.

California Contour Clinic’s Master Body Contourist will estimate a patients treatment protocol sessions in their initial complimentary consultation. As a guide most patients opt for a 10 session package as results are typically noticeable between 6-8 sessions (patient dependent). Patients may utilize radio frequency a maximum of 3 times per week.

Warning: PLEASE NOTE: You must be a healthy, qualified candidate to receive Laser Lipo treatments. You are NOT a good candidate if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have large metal implants near the treatment area, or if you have any serious medical condition such as uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure, heart disease, liver or kidney failure, epilepsy, a pacemaker or other electronic devices, etc. If you are in doubt as to whether you can receive treatments, please consult your physician first.

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