The Benefits of Vacuum Radio Frequency

If you look up Vacuum Radio Frequency (Vacuum RF), you will learn that it is a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure favored in the body and face contouring world. And it is easy to see why.

This procedure ‘treats’ the dimpled fat in thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, and other body parts with hard-to-shift fat.

The treatment uses suction and pressure to remove the fat cell fluids that trigger cellulite. The process is similar to a traditional Chinese art known as ‘cupping,’ which helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, etc.

As you will learn below, Vacuum RF has many similar benefits as this traditional art. It could be the therapy you need to finally get a fully contoured and beautiful body per your standards. To solidify your choice, learn about the benefits of Vacuum RF therapy below.

Benefits of Vacuum Radio Frequency

Lasting Results

One of the best things about vacuum RF is the lasting results. It is normal to be skeptical about non-surgical procedures, especially if they are new in the industry. There are few studies on them, and often the results are not lasting.

But Vacuum RF has proven to keep the fat and cellulite off. Studies show that Vacuum RF results can last up to two years after treatment. This time can be shorter or lengthier depending on maintenance and your body.


Surgical procedures have one major disadvantage; they are invasive. Often, invasive treatments have more risks than non-invasive treatments.

Minimally invasive treatments like Cellfina use a tiny incision to tighten and reduce cellulite. But even small punctures stand the risk of infections and other side effects. The same goes for injectable treatments like QWO.

On top of that, invasive treatments usually demand downtime, which will affect your work and social life; more if you develop an infection.

This is why more patients are turning to non-invasive treatments like Vacuum RF for effective results. With this procedure, you will suffer no downtime. Additionally, there is less chance of infection since the procedure does not require skin breaking.

No to Moderate Pain

You will hear previous clients say that Vacuum RF is painless. Similarly, you will hear others speak about mild pain. So, who is right?

They both are. Since Vacuum RF is a non-invasive treatment using a device controlled by a qualified practitioner, the procedure is near painless. The amount of ‘pain’ you feel depends on your tolerance. Some feel a slight pinch; others feel nothing.

But rest assured, the procedure is ‘painless.’ You will feel slight discomfort or pinching from the vacuuming, but nothing to warrant pain medication. Even after treatments, you should feel no pain.

Effective for cellulite

There are a few applications that are effective on cellulite. And while cellulite is a cosmetic issue, it can adversely affect body image and self-esteem. So Vacuum RF is a beneficial solution for many with this problem that proves effective against cellulite.

Vacuum RF uses rollers powered by suction and power to massage and manipulate the tissues. The roller and suction combination make the skin tissues move. The massaging effects release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. Similarly, the energy applications create a deep heating effect on the dermal collagen fibers, fat cells, and connective tissue fibers.

Instant Results

It is always encouraging to see instant results from something. Many people give up on treatments, diets, exercise, and other routines because of the lack of visible results. Luckily, Vacuum RF encourages patients as soon as they step out of therapy.

You will notice less dimpling and more skin tightening after the procedure. You can see notable results in a few weeks; in 6 months, there will be an undisputed difference. These results improve with time and maintenance.

Improves blood circulation

As mentioned above, Vacuum RF lifts the cellulite from the skin by creating a vacuum around the problem area. This process’s consistent massaging effect helps improve blood circulation, which helps the skin.

Improved blood circulation helps you to produce more collagen and elastin. These tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles; thus, your skin will look more youthful. It is one of the reasons why Vacuum RF offers lasting results.

Increased lymph circulation

The lymphatic system is a fluid drainage and transport system. It is also responsible for disease resistance and immune responses.

The lymph nodes filter any fluid forced out of the bloodstream during circulation. This process removes abnormal cells, bacteria, and other toxins. A failing or nonfunctional lymphatic system could mean more infections.

Since the lymphatic system does not have an active pumping plan, it requires body movements and muscle action to create flow. This will, in turn, encourage toxin expulsion from the body.

The messaging and vacuuming effect of Vacuum RF improves lymph circulation, thus encouraging the removal of toxins.

Aftercare To Maximize Results

Your practitioner may offer advice on some of the aftercare and long-term tips to maximize your results. If they don’t, here is a breakdown to guide you:

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory products. Unless your doctor prescribes them, you should avoid using aspirin, ibuprofen, and other anti-inflammatory products. They can slow your results, so you should avoid them for a couple of days or take them under your doctor’s advice.
  • Refrain from alcohol. Your liver will choose alcohol metabolism over fat removal. So, you should avoid drinking alcohol for the next few days to prioritize fat removal.
  • Use recommended moisturizers. You cannot use your regular moisturizers on the treatment areas. Instead, ask your doctor for the recommended ones. When moisturizing the treatment areas, use a small amount and minimal pressure. Your therapist will show you how to accomplish this.
  • Hydrate. A well-hydrated body is better at removing toxins than a dehydrated one. Therefore, ensure you drink lots of water after your procedure.
  • Maintenance sessions. And lastly, we and other experts recommend maintenance sessions to maximize your results. You can schedule maintenance treatments every 1 to 6 months.

Our clinic offers vacuum radio frequency therapy for men and women. Visit our clinic or call us to learn more about pricing.

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