Infrared Sauna Do’s & Don’ts

Once you become health-conscious, you might spend your evenings in infrared saunas instead of going to happy hour with your friends.

Infrared saunas, which are more modern and fashionable than traditional saunas, are gaining popularity for various reasons, including their detoxification capacity. As much as they are beneficial, there are some rules to using infrared saunas for maximum benefits.

The information below outlines the top dos and don’ts of infrared saunas for beginners and pros alike.

Infrared Sauna Do’s

Are you prepared to test out infrared saunas? If so, there are a few things to consider from experts before your first appointment.

Get your blood flowing before your sauna session.

Your blood flow will increase if you can widen your blood vessels before using the sauna. Your strained muscles will consequently unwind more effortlessly, giving your tired joints even more relaxation. If you experience chronic pain due to arthritis or another condition, these advantages are excellent for your condition. Some things you can do before entering your sauna to get your blood flowing include:

  • A quick gym session
  • Yoga or Qi Gong
  • Jog around the block
  • Jumping jacks or stair runs

Properly hydrate before your session

Water consumption is vitally important. Up to 2% of your fluids will be lost while sitting in the sauna, and insufficient hydration can exacerbate fatigue and further dehydration:

  • Drink 16 to 20 ounces of water before using your sauna.
  • Avoid drinks with high sugar, like soda, sweetened coffee, or fruit juices.
  • Opt for sports drinks with electrolytes and coconut water if you want to flavor. They are great for keeping your body hydrated and ready to replenish anything that’s lost.

Take a shower before your session.

Before using an infrared sauna, taking a bath or rinsing off will assist your skin to be free of any excess lotions, oils, cosmetics, sweat, and dirt. After taking a shower and entering the infrared sauna, think about using a bath brush or sauna whisk. Brushing your skin with it will stimulate its pores and improve blood circulation.

Choose the best sitting position.

Infrared saunas function by directly heating your body. Therefore, it would be best if you stood immediately before the heaters.

Most infrared saunas contain total body heating panels and heaters situated at your feet for optimal coverage. That being said, below are some tips to help you with positioning for the most far infrared sauna benefits:

  • Check your posture. Sit straight so the far infrared heaters will be directly aimed at the front and back of your body.
  • If you don’t have full coverage of your body, try rotating every 7 minutes or so.
  • Many infrared saunas come with chromotherapy lighting – use that in tandem with the infrared heater and choose one light per session.

Choose the best sitting time required for you.

One of the most frequently asked concerns regarding how to use a sauna effectively is, ‘how long should I stay in a sauna?’

While there are some general rules you should abide by, there is no set time for using the sauna. How long you spend in your far-infrared sauna should be based on your degree of comfort. You can have sessions that are shorter or longer than usual.

Typical sessions last between 15 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, some sauna pros will sit longer with cool-down sessions in between. If you are starting out, it would be best to build your tolerance over time, starting with 10 – 15 minutes, taking a break, and then gradually increasing your time in the infrared sauna.

Infrared Sauna Don’ts

So, what are some things you are not supposed to do?

Don’t drink alcohol before your session.

Alcohol consumption lowers blood pressure while also reducing the heartbeat and blood flow. It can be pretty risky to combine that with the heat of a sauna, which has the opposite effect on your heart rate and circulation. Here are a few other risks associated with alcohol use before or during sauna use:

  • Lightheadedness, fainting (and heatstroke)
  • Headaches & Nausea
  • Heart Failure

While some people believe that using the sauna to “sweat it out” is a beautiful idea for a hangover treatment, we strongly advise you to reconsider. Dehydration is a common cause of hangovers. When dehydrated and suffering from a hangover, you risk your symptoms worsening if you enter a sauna.

Don’t pour water on the heater of the infrared sauna

When using a conventional sauna, you can create steam by pouring water over the heater’s pebbles. In infrared saunas, your body is heated directly by ceramic or carbon heaters mounted on the walls and floor. They can’t and should not be used to create steam with water.

This is the main distinction between an infrared sauna and a regular sauna. Infrared saunas offer many health benefits, but unlike traditional saunas, you cannot use them to create steam rooms. We recommend using the chromotherapy light for an additional health boost for infrared saunas.

Don’t sit too long if you plan to exercise after your infrared sauna session.

The opposite of what your body requires before a workout, infrared saunas are made for relaxing your body and muscles. So feel free to work out after using your far-infrared sauna if you stay there for a short time. Stretching with it for no longer than 5 or 10 minutes is best. Additionally, you can immediately warm up your body by doing this.

Moreover, using the infrared sauna after working out is always advised. It can eventually lead to longer, more intense workouts and is a terrific way to unwind all the muscles you just worked out.

Don’t forget to cool down after your session.

You should cool off after your session in the infrared sauna—shower at room temperature or dive into the pool. Then, to complete a cooling off, sit or lie down. Although you will feel terrific and renewed, you should only push yourself a little hard for at least ten to fifteen minutes. You should also drink water during this period to replace all the fluids you lost through sweating.

Final Thoughts

The top infrared sauna dos and don’ts can help you have longer and more productive sessions. Additionally, by using these suggestions, you will get the most out of the health benefits of heat treatment while you work toward your wellness objectives. Contact us today to learn more about infrared saunas.

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