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Neal Handel, MD FACS

Neal Handel, MD, a board certified Plastic Surgeon, has been in practice in Southern California for 41 years. He received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in 1969, where he graduated with honors. He received his MD from Yale University in 1973. Handel did his general surgery training at UCLA and Tulane, and completed his residency in plastic surgery at the University of Colorado Medical Center. Dr. Handel underwent fellowship training in England and Scotland prior to entering practice in Los Angeles in 1980.

As a Clinical Professor at UCLA School of Medicine, he is actively involved in training young surgeons. A well-known leader in the field, Dr. Handel is often invited to lecture at professional meetings throughout the United States and around the world; he has performed live surgery demonstrations at the prestigious Baker Gordon Symposium in Miami, FL., as well as at plastic surgery meetings in Korea, China and Russia.

Dr. Handel has written more than 60 articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals, authored twelve chapters in medical textbooks and coedited a major new textbook Problems in Breast Surgery – A Repair Manual published in 2014. For 17 years Handel was co-director of The Breast Center, a multidisciplinary group practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of breast disorders. During this time Dr. Handel gained extensive experience in various facets of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast. In addition to perfecting his skills in breast surgery, Dr. Handel has maintained a busy cosmetic surgery practice, performing hundreds of cosmetic operations of the eyelids, nose and face as well as body contouring procedures including abdominoplasty, liposuction and fat grafting. He is often interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles and was featured in a ten-part documentary on plastic surgery broadcast on The Learning Channel and the Discovery Health Channel.

Dr. Handel has received numerous citations for excellence. He was selected in 2006 by CMagazine as one of the “ten best” plastic surgeons in California, was selected by Los Angeles Magazine (based on peer recommendations from other physicians) as one of Los Angeles’s “Super Doctors” for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019; Dr. Handel was also listed by “Super Doctors” as a top doctor for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 and chosen for inclusion on the prestigious “Castle Connolly Top Doctor” list for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Kelly Swartz – Founder

What began as a passion project, enabling women to contour and redefine their physiques, quickly grew into a health and wellness, biohacking and epigenetics haven! Kelly founded California Contour Clinic with a simple mission, to provide a luxurious, relaxing environment, focused on restoring patients youthful, vibrant and confident selves. From Body Contouring to the introduction of complimentary treatments that aid in Anti-Aging, California Contour Clinic has quickly become a trusteed source in the health and wellness space.

As the Founder and CEO of California Contour Clinic located in Newport Beach, CA, Kelly is an advocate for self care and enjoys educating patients on this vital component of wellbeing that directly impacts longevity and vitality.

What Our Clients Say About Us
Every time I go to California Contour Clinic I have the best experience! I did a treatment of Emsculpt and I absolutely love the results. I’m now a regular client and can’t wait to start their other treatments. Very clean and comfortable office, plus Kelly is amazing ! 🙂
Brittney Slovak
I did 5 emsculpt neo treatments on my stomach and saw an increase in muscle mass. Kelly is so sweet and I really enjoyed our chats during the procedure. The office is beautiful and very clean!
Nichole Morin
AMAZING results!!! I workout 5x/week and have not been able to achieve results I’ve gotten here in a months time. Todd & Kelly are honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend California Contour Clinic.
Andres Creamer
I cannot recommend this medical spa enough! Not only is Kelly the sweetest and most genuine soul but the spa is a beautiful high tech beauty heaven. I did the emsculpt machine, which i have done in the past at other spa locations so i knew what to expect and the pain that came with it. I was shocked to not only see more improvement than the past sessions but it didn't hurt at all!
madison swenson
Todd & Kelly at California Contour Clinic are amazing!! They offer many different services and are very knowledgeable with each of them. My personal favorite is their hyperbaric chamber which I sit in for 60 minutes at a time to help with recovery. I highly recommend California Contour Clinic!!
Parker Egerton
Kelly and Todd are amazing! So friendly! I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but after a few sessions the difference is so noticeable. I told Kelly “I am not waking up at night to go the bathroom! I am getting solid sleep throughout the night!” Recommended to all my gal pals!
Kerry Keating-Suh
Kelly and Todd are both great. Knowledgeable doesn’t begin to describe it. I work with Todd on nutrition and supplementation geared towards physical fitness. Since following Todd’s program I have put on some significant muscle despite training for years. They are both up on the latest clinical research, studies and papers and recommendations are based in clinical data and in many cases personal experience. Additionally they have the latest sophisticated electro-stim equipment and clinic is spotless. Great place, great people.
James Caggiano
Since I was a kid, I struggled with very frequent urination, and after using the M cellar device it completely changed the frequency of my needs to go to the bathroom. I recommend this 100%. I also use the hyperbaric chamber for extra oxygenation and recovery from heavy duty weight training and cardiovascular exercise, and was very kindly surprised at how much better I slept the night after and how quickly I felt like my body recovered and how much more natural energy I had. Plus the customer service from Todd and Kelley is exceptional. I will be returning on a regular basis
Kye Daley
California Contour has been a true game changer for me! Kelly has been AMAZING to work with and is very knowledgeable! The EMsculpt NEO has helped build up my core so much and has really helped my body in my professional skateboarding career. I’v also had a few surgeries lately and doing the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has increased the heeling process a ton and is very relaxing ! I highly recommend checking out the California contour clinic and all the amazing services they offer! They are the BEST !!
Greg Lutzka
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